The Benefits of Studying History

Benefits of Studying History

The Benefits of Studying History

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You may ask, why is history important to study? People often think that a course in historical studies is a waste of time. That it only talks about the past and never the future. People might think that the past is a pointless time to chase because it offers ‘no useful knowledge’. In reality, nevertheless, there are many excellent benefits to studying history.

Here, we tackle the purposes and benefits of studying history — how these will lead to a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

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It teaches you about people

History delves into studies of humanity. It can reveal the truth about how people act when they are under certain conditions. As students, studying history will give us the answers of our why’s at present. Whether it’s looking at the way people reacted in the past to technological advancement to adopting certain practices that could benefit society, history is a fantastic way to see what could happen if things did come full circle. With these knowledge, we can form new models on which we can base future technologies and business practices.

Obtain a unique perspective of society

One of the biggest advantages of studying history is being able to approach modern problems with a traditional perspective. It’s all about learning how people approached issues back in the past that could affect more people now more than ever. For instance, learning how people managed a hunger crisis or rebuild a city after fire could lead to excellent solutions on how to approach present issues.

Progressive plans for the next generation

Having a thorough and accurate background of our history will give us a more enlightened execution of our future plans. It goes without saying that knowledge is power only if we apply them properly. We have to use the knowledge we acquire from studying history to learn something new about human nature, how these molded our society, and obtain a perspective that can be applied to our plans for the advancement and progress of the generations to come.

History has many unique benefits, which is why we have included a unique infographic below to help you learn about the importance of history in society. A the bottom is a detailed infographic on the history of propaganda.

benefits of studying history
Design by:  Norwich University

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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15 thoughts on “The Benefits of Studying History

  1. I love this!!
    History was my favorite subject in highschool…..and, really, it still is!
    I love that you went beyond the typical benefit people often cite that “Learning about the past helps us not make the same mistakes in the future”– thought that is (mostly) true…
    as you’ve shown, there’s a lot more beauty to learning history than just that! It’s an intriguing look into the lives of other people and how they’ve impacted the way life is for us today.

    – 💕 Alissa Ackerman | Fashion-Philosophy Blogger at

  2. I love reading up on history. Not just of my own people but of other races as well. Personally, I think learning about history helps me become an even better person. A more accepting and forgiving person. Oh, and smarter, too, of course. 🙂

  3. Honestly, when I when high school and college, I was not a fan of history. But as I got older, I started to love and appreciate history even more. History channel is now one of my fave channels.

  4. I always loved studying history, and still enjoy learning things I didn’t already know about. I enjoy traveling, and knowing the history of an area helps understand the people so much!

  5. Learning the history is important because this is the foundation of the present and the future. We learn not only the people but also predicts what it will be.

  6. I am always interested to learn and go back reading anything about the history of a certain place or people. It gives you that sense of added knowledge.

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