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Beauty and Fashion

Everyday Makeup of a Clinical Clerk

I’ll now be on my clinical clerkship this year! I have one month to prepare for this and one of the “preps” I’ve made sure of is my everyday makeup routine to keep a sane look despite the challenging, gonna-be action-packed, no-certainty-of-what-would-happen-next environment in the field. Face. The moment I knew about Belo’s new product line […]

Beauty and Fashion

Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50+ Review

Have you ever had a moment  when you would feel that your skin is not as healthy as it was? Dry skin, no nourishment, non-elastic feeling, and uneven hues and darkened areas because of blemishes, irritants, and everyday exposure to harmful UV rays anywhere we are…Surely, I do! I really do now. The everyday work […]

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