ChaTime Marble Collection: Brown Sugar Craze

Shaking Tea Up! Brown Sugar Milktea Madness

ChaTime Marble Collection: Brown Sugar Craze

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Shaking Tea Up! Brown Sugar Milktea Madness

Chatime has just introduced their new milktea series called Marble Collection. It’s highlight would be their incorporation of brown sugar-based pearls added with creamy milk in ever sip of ChaTime’s milk tea!

Knowing my great penchant for milk teas, my sister sent me a direct message letting me know of this new Marble collection by Chatime. I hurriedly searched it in their page, and saw three variants you can choose from: Marble Pearl Black Tea Latte, Marble Pearl Fresh Milk, and Marble Pearl Milk Tea.

It was definitely good timing, ‘coz I felt the need to reward myself for some reason! So, I ordered the Marble Pearl Milk Tea as I just wanted the taste of the classic milk tea, and try the new brown sugar pearls for myself. When it arrived, I shook it up and took a sip.

As always, Chatime delivers premium quality tasting milk teas. This variant has a subtle difference from their original pearl milk tea series. Though subtle, it still gives it’s own ray of sunshine. It’s that kind that you just want to get after a hard day’s work, or satisfy your sugar craving (brown sugar that is) straight from a cup of milk tea!

Do you like milk teas? What’s your favorite? 

Check Chatime Philippines Facebook Page for more!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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17 thoughts on “ChaTime Marble Collection: Brown Sugar Craze

  1. I love milk teas. Brown sugar pearls sounds great, I'm curious tho, does it dissolve completely or is it like the boba tapioca pearls, where you have a chewy snack after the tea is all done? lol.

  2. Oh shoot! My favorite!!!!!! I didn't know they had this flavor collection. Now I want ChaTime. My fave is the plain milk tea with mung beans! I'm definitely getting this the next time I visit.

  3. Don't know where you locate, but brown sugar series are gone crazily pop here in Hong Kong. Long line queuing in every stores. Many new brands are popping out every weeks. Honestly, they are yummy and additive.

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