How to Create a Study Plan that Actually Works

How to Create a Study Plan that Actually Works

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Hello everyone! How’s everyone lately? It’s now the second week of the new year and I know a lot of you guys are now going back to your usual pace. Currently, I am spending more time with my family now than ever before diving in to the next chapter of my life. I felt the need to recuperate after the nonstop participation with the academe for roughly 22 years, so I decided to lie low for a moment and find the serenity within. 😉

Anyway, a lot of people are asking me how to create a study strategy and make a schedule that will really keep you sane for life. A lot of techniques are out there, but here I share with you how to create a study plan that works. Yep, this is the ONE THING that works for me.

Study S.M.A.R.T.

I introduce you to the wonders of a Study Planner — it can be something that is scheduled daily or even weekly. I prefer this kind of schedule because I know I can set S.M.A.R.T. goals — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. You can also make it more specific by giving more focus on your projects, or if exams are on the way you can stay exam-focused for the mean time, and the ultimate hack of all is being aware of your timetable.

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An effective study planner is something that keeps you motivated to finish the tasks and prioritize the must ones. Having a checklist is another point that helps you get that dopamine of finally finishing a task and moving on to the next. So here I am sharing with you my study planner.

Save Mother Nature and GO PAPERLESS with the Study Buddy: Your Study Planner to Success in Pink
Save Mother Nature and GO PAPERLESS with the Study Buddy: Your Study Planner to Success in Pink

I specially designed this to give you the essentials of an effective study plan tracker. You don’t need a LOT of pages just to keep you organized. All you need is this simple but very effective 4-page planner that I have designed for you. Like I always say, LESS IS MORE. The least that you can do right now is get overwhelmed by information overload. That will be counterproductive! So, having a concise way of organizing your thoughts and tasks is the best way to create a strategic plan for your study.

Organize Your Thoughts, Not on Paper

I made two color variations that you can choose from — one is in pink and the other is in blue. What’s great with this is that THEY ARE FILLABLE! Yes! You can all the way GO PAPERLESS and help in your own way for Mother Nature. You can have your study planners with you wherever you may go. With your phones and PDF apps ready, you don’t have to think twice where you’ve jotted down your to-do list. It’s all up to you and your own preferences. 😉 But just the thought of having your papers all virtual, well-kept in your phones is priceless.

Save Mother Nature and GO PAPERLESS with the Study Buddy: Your Study Planner to Success in Blue
Save Mother Nature and GO PAPERLESS with the Study Buddy: Your Study Planner to Success in Blue

Freshen Up Your Mind

More than just organizing your study, is the need to renew your perspective every single day. In that way, you regain a healthier view of things which will help you stay on top of your work! Balance is always the key, and having the time to just stay sane should also be a significant part of your productivity hacks to keep you going. In this planner, you get yourself your very own motivation corner. You can write anything that you feel writing, and just be yourself as you reflect. 🙂

If you like to get these study planners, you can check them out below. Note that they are ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

This will help you manage your hectic schedules wherever you are; Keep your productivity going and stay motivated!

Create a Study Plan that actually works
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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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19 thoughts on “How to Create a Study Plan that Actually Works

  1. I need to show this to my kids. They have to study for school, and sometimes they get distracted. My daughter especially. Maybe this would help her stay organized.

  2. There are some great tips here for students and anyone who needs help staying on top of things. I have two daughters in college and I know how tough it is keeping up with everything.

  3. These sound like some great ideas to help people study well SMART. I have to admit I really don’t plan as much as I should so if I’m studying again I’ll have to keep this in mind.

  4. I am on a break right now, but my classes will begin again in two weeks! So this is the perfect post for me right now. I find that I am usually able to start the semester with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to study and do well but it fades quickly. What do you do to stay motivated to study?

    1. Yep, I get to have those moments too. But what makes me really stay on track is by really becoming proactive with my “to-do list”. I always tell myself that once I finish a task, I can do whatever I want afterwards… so that keeps me motivated and finish all the academics before I jump to my leisure time with my hobbies and other activities like blogging! And at the end of the day, I feel productive… which makes me feel good. But don’t worry, I also have those moments where I shut off, and just rest for a day… then go back to my routine and work! 😉

  5. Fortunately, I am done with studying for now, but I will definitely use these tips to stay more focused on my activities! I always feel like I am trying to do 1000 things and never focus on one!

  6. This is exactly what I need since school has been so demanding lately, I started becoming unorganized as well. I like the pink one!

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