First Week of May Blast!

First Week of May Blast!

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So how did my birth-week go?

May 1: Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker
Every year we celebrate St. Joseph the worker’s feast in our village. Had to wake up early and help out in the usual kitchen preparations by mom, the best cook ever! Thankful to God for the bountiful blessings He has showered upon us.
May 2: Date with Beau
Had to do a lot of tasks for this day with beau but we were able to accomplish them on this day. We decided to eat at Conti’s after and tried their Mac & Cheese and Grilled chicken. The herb infusion  really gave a good impression for this dish. The cheesiness of the pasta was the best! It was a flavourful dish all in all.

May 3: Miracle Gift & Birthday Celebration at Sambokojin
Exam results were posted on this day and I was so ecstatic to have been blessed with what I call my miracle gift from the heavens! I prayed hard for this and now I can finally say I’m on my way to my fourth year in medschool as a clinical clerk. Thanks be to God! Truly I’m blessed at 24! Here’s my milestone entry for my birthday. ♥

My family and I celebrated my birthday too at Sambokojin, West Avenue branch. Was able to avail myself of one of their promos, birthday promo, so I got a Sambokojin birthday treat for FREE! New dishes are now being served in Sambokojin West Avenue branch. Aside from the tempura station, the new station of U.S. RoastBeef, mashed potatos and the like is now also a fave!!

May 4: Rest Day
Just did some errands at home and had a couple of shows to watch.

May 5: Sambokojin 2nd wave! 
Birthday Promo was a good treat for anyone who wants to have birthdays celebrated in Sambokojin. All you need to have is a valid I.D. with your birthdate imprinted and tada! You get a free treat 3 days prior, 3 days after and on the day of your birthday, for as long as you have at least one regular paying adult (price of around 890+ PHP) with you.

May 6: Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Date
Had to do follow-up tasks in our institute. That day was so hot and humid that I craved for something sweet and cold, thus our decision to go to Ally’s All-Day Breakfast, Pontiac St, Fairview branch. Here’s my first impression of Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Fairview Branch

May 7: UP Jog & Bake War 
Had a refreshing day by starting it with a jog of a couple of rounds in UP Diliman. There were only a few joggers in the area, which is uncommon way back. I guess most people are now on their vacay spree out of the metro. Afterwhich, beau and I had a bakewars episode! Haha, we tried baking our lasagna for Mother’s day as a surprise to our mothers. It went well I suppose! It was a fun experience!

May 8: Mother’s Day Celebration at MannHann
As usual, MannHann Trinoma is our go-to restaurant for special occasions. We went here to eat after attending mass. Their food is just so good! you might want to try eating there as well.

So there, that was my weeklong birthday celebration! Grateful to God for all the blessings. I hope you had a great 1st week of May as well.

‘Til next time! xoxo

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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