Get Naughtified! at Naughty Nachos

Get Naughtified! at Naughty Nachos

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This has been a long overdue post, but the imagery of my nachos craving made me undergo cephalic phase, leading me to a reminder of the Naughty Nachos dishes!! Here’s our dine-in experience.

We discovered this place while walking down Maginhawa road searching for a new go-to-place to unwind and one way or another insert some time on studying our transcriptions before heading home. On our sharp turn left, we saw their catchy signage , Naughty Nachos. The entrance was never intimidating, the staff was accommodating.

The interior was cute. It makes you feel at ease, feel a bit at home too as they open the television set  on the second floor. There are 4 portraits seemingly the nachos family as I interpret it. Haha, Kawaii!

They did not forget to make all things pretty in here. Up on the ceiling, you’ll see artsy lights.

The white walls show the openness of the place matched with earthy decors. At the side, you can see their booth where you can take pictures with your friends and loved ones. A little memoir before you leave the place would be wonderful, ne?

 You can create your own slogans! They have available chalkboards for you to write and be creative!

 We ordered their Combo Plate composed of glazed wings, rice, and nachos. Depending on your preference, you can slash out the nachos out of your meal (Duo Plate), or even add fries with your nachos, rice and wings (Overload Plate)! They also serve a dozen or half of the glazed wings if you were into it.

 We can’t get enough of their nachos, so we ordered more of it! Here’s their Cheesy Beef Nachos Plate!

We almost got the whole second floor for ourselves during our visit. We got to study for a bit and had our rewarding meal after.  It’s seems to be a nice place to hang out with friends even family.  Overall, it was a good experience!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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