Get Successful with This Life-changing Attribute

Get Successful with This Life-changing Attribute

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Do you want success? Do you desire to be a front runner of your chosen path, your chosen niche? Truthfully, we all aim to achieve our dream on our own terms. In this post, I will share to you how to get successful with this life-changing attribute and achieve your life goals ultimately.

Get successful

Now how to get successful?

I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to be successful.  

Success is defined differently depending on the person’s perspective. Generally, it may mean satisfaction on our career, harmony in relationships, propagation of our craft and even  growth of our intellectual and social capabilities among others.

It is normal to be wired that way as social beings — if not for that desire, maybe we wouldn’t be leading an improvement toward our own lives, right? It will all just depend, however, on how we go about it.
Indeed, we are designed to cope with life and aim one step higher on our individual ladder of success every now and then. Success cannot be defined by one statement alone; again, it will always mean differently per person depending on the person’s perspective and social and/or cultural values. But with all context given, what really separates a successful person now from those that are still yet to BE there? What is the limiting factor to get successful? 
When I was preparing for the board examination for the Physician Licensure Examination (PLE), Doc Broli of Topnotch Board Prep Review shared with us this powerful video. It was very powerful that, within minutes of watching this video, it seemed like the HTML codes just spontaneously embedded onto my brain! I could never forget about it after!
This video is all about GRIT.

What is grit?

It is described as to have the courage and the determination despite difficulties. Synonymously, to have grit is to have the strength of character, the strength of will. To be tough beyond adversities and stand up against the tides no matter how harsh the journey may be.
A lot of grit researches have been already done, but this video perfectly explains what grit is all about. What is IT? And how do you stick with HAVING IT into your system?
Here is the Grit Ted Talk video that will change your life!

To be fearless enough to go and take the leap of faith;
To say YES after the long and winding road of preparation and planning; and


To have a great life, you have to live the grit life!

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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22 thoughts on “Get Successful with This Life-changing Attribute

  1. This is so true. Following your purpose and passion does take a lot of grit. Entrepreneurs also have a lot of grit. Becoming a successful blogger does take a lot of grit.

  2. Grit, something that needs to be taught in school! It definitely is something that will take you further than book knowledge alone can take us!

  3. I have never thought of grit in the way of "no grit, no pearl." That is so true though. We have to work hard, deal with less than pleasant things, and keep on keeping on if we want to be successful.

  4. This is such an inspiring post! I totally agree with you. Every one has a stage of success in their life. We only need push our self to get there.

  5. I always remind myself that anything worth doing is usually hard. I think it's easier to have grit when you go into the situation expecting there to be a struggle. I love Ted Talks and this video is awesome!

  6. I believe it's an up and down rollercoaster cycle for many. And especially in the times we're living in now, things aren't the same as they once were (sadly). Yes, it takes grit but so much more than that. xo, Suzanne

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