5 Go Getting Entrepreneurial Career Ideas You Can Start Today

go getting entrepreneurial career ideas

5 Go Getting Entrepreneurial Career Ideas You Can Start Today

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Times are changing and a lot of people are accustomed now to the idea of investing into a career that is worth the risk. If you are one of the select few that are called to take on a certain amount of risk to make a profit then, you are indeed an entrepreneur. Here’s a list of 5 go getting entrepreneurial career ideas you can start today to make that life-changing shift in your career.

1. Start your own business

Probably the most traditional path for entrepreneurs is to set up their own business from scratch. It takes a lot of work to start everything on your own. In fact, a good deal of investment both in time and finance are at stake. Nonetheless, what you reap, what you sow.

These days, online business has become a primary consideration in start-ups. With the rise of social media, marketing strategies have stepped up their game as well.  Having an online business is great because financial investment can be allocated solely to products and promotion more than finding a tangible place to lease for an actual store.

But like all businesses, it gets critical at some point. It is therefore important to have a definite plan prior starting your business. Start brainstorming on products you are to offer that is unique, practical, and of good selling point. Think of a product that will separate it from its competitors and will strategically attract a target market.

Of course, the branding and marketing for a start-up is also a key to its success, as this is what defines your product and business to potential customers. This will make them aware of what advantages you can provide them with. In fact, many entrepreneurs choose to use surveys from outside experts to help them with this part of their business and make the scope of your marketing more precise toward your target audience.

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2. Takeover a pre-established business

Another approach that go-getting entrepreneurs may take is to take over a pre-established business. Although the opportunities to do so are often minimal, it is still possible. The thing with pre-established business is that you have to weigh your risks and benefits.

You have to know the strengths and weaknesses of a business and be able to decipher whether a business is demonstrating success at the moment, or if not, would the business be worth salvaging. It is usual, however, for a takeover to happen when a business has been made vulnerable by underperformance which leaves the entrepreneur investing in it with the task of turning it around.

To do this, it is often necessary to first rebrand the company (you can read more about it here: https://www.templafy.com/blog/rebranding-strategy-for-mergers-and-acquisitions) and then work on marketing the products to a more suitable and profitable demographic. After all, whatever the previous owners were doing hasn’t worked so far, and to enable such an investment to successful rise from the ashes, company-wide chances will have to be made.

Additionally, it may take more than just changing the outside perceptions of the business for it to becoming a going concern. In fact, it may be necessary to work on the processes within the company as well, making them more productive and efficient.

3. Become a Blog-preneur

Are you an expert in content writing? Or do you have passion for blogging and want to take it a step further? Blogging has been a well-known career that is still opening new orders day by day. What’s so attractive with blogging is that you can work it out even when you lack huge finances. You can also write in a niche you are most comfortable talking about – from travel, cooking, DIY tutorials, lifestyle, parenthood, health, and so much more, depending on your target audience.

All you need is a computer or laptop, good quality photos, and informative blog posts that are worth sharing. Once you begin your traction in your blog, opportunities come through advertising spaces, affiliate marketing, product reviews, and even making your own products like your very own books, your own recipes and other services that you would want to offer to your audience.

It may take some time before things go totally your way, but with the right strategies in blogging and optimization, you will surely have blogging and entrepreneurship intertwined for your success as a Blog-preneur!

go getting entrepreneurial career ideas
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4. Become an App Developer

New applications are being launched almost every day and, without a doubt, smartphones have become part of people’s way of life. Whether a person schedules his next appointment, hang out with friends, study for a test, and take photos during a travel, a smartphone has become one handy tool that everyone would use conveniently.

If you have innovative ideas in mind for the next app to be in demand, and have the skills to develop one, then becoming a go getting entrepreneurial app developer would be perfect for you! Although a lot of time may be invested in the initial stages of development, the endpoint will be rewarding.

Of course, like in all business ideas, the product concept, branding, marketing strategy and further promotion out there in the world is vital. But once your app goes viral, you can reap your rewards whenever and wherever you are! The best part about developing your own applications is that you can make it anywhere in the world, and once done, your app can be accessible in all parts of the world as well. Isn’t that exciting?

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5. Become a Consultant

Lastly, another possible choice for entrepreneurs is to move into consultancy work, rather than being responsible for a commercial business. Some entrepreneurs find their niche as consults. Here are the first steps you must know in becoming a consultant.

This can open new doors for you because you will still get to work in the cut and thrust of the commercial sector. However, it won’t be your own capital that is on the line this time. This is perfect for those who still enjoy all the excitement of working with big names but not have to put so much at risk. It’s definitely a fantastic choice for a go-getting entrepreneur to consider. 

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Not all entrepreneurs follow the same route to success. There will be various paths that one could take but the sum of it all would boil down to the right mindset, right strategy, and right actions to take. Possibilities are endless! I hope these epic entrepreneurial career ideas have helped you in making a step further to that life-changing shift to your career.

  • Have you ever thought of becoming your own boss?
  • Have any business ideas you want to pursue in the future?
  • Do you find any of the go getting entrepreneurial career ideas perfect for you?

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  1. Starting your own business is definitely everyone’s dream but it can be hard to get started especially if you don’t have enough funds to get started. The most practical is of course being a blog preneur as passion can be your only capital. 🙂 Very helpful post for people who are thinking of jump starting their careers in entrepreneurship. 🙂

  2. Great post and helpful ideas for anyone who dreams about starting a business. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. I am definitely blogging full time, but I am also going to own my own business and a consultant. It is all timing and planing while balancing out my full time blog.

  4. Starting a blog was one of the best decisions I could ever make! It combined my hobbies with my passions and I loved that I could help others at the same time!

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