Happy Treats from Japan

Happy Treats from Japan

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In time for the 15th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan, beau gave me this really cute box of surprise!! I’m a huge fan of anything cute and childlike and this made me reminisce my childhood hihi.

Once opened, I was heralded with a funny take on a “springbox” with the 4 characters featured: Snoopy, Minions, Elmo, and of course Hello Kitty! Inside is a hodgepodge of pastries in the aforementioned characters’ patterns!

This year’s theme: Reborn — aims to rejuvenate each of our lives as we go on with the monotonous way of living in this age. This was a hopeful take of Universal Studios Japan to re-energize the body with the spirit of becoming “Re-boooorn!”.

I came across a lot of videos in the www about the parade and party happening now in USJ and I tell you, they gave me goosebumps and happiness just like a child who happened to be in an amusement park! Totally transcending the vibe of USJ! Amazing! I really like the song for their anniversary theme as well. It was full of hope and energy that you just want to bring out the best in you for real! These pastries really are fluffy, too!

From Japan, Land of Matcha, Matcha Snacks from Lotte Chococo!! I’ve tried various matcha-flavored treats here in the Philippines and this one coming from Japan made me so giddy to finally try it. Lotte Choco-coated matcha cookies!!  Can I just say/scream that again? lol. They’re so rich in flavor and really addicting too! I’m hoping that this get to be in-stores here ASAP! haha.

Bourbon Elise White Cream Wafers! Each pack contains 2 wafers. This reminds me of the usual wafers that can be bought in Philippines, but still screams of childhood, like Stick-O! I have to try the rest of the flavors of this brand soon. I want moooore! 

Tea and Coffee with Love from my beau! I’m an ultimate caffeine lover; well we both do, and I know most of us do too! It’s a bestfriend in business as usual haha! 
I’m glad to receive these (pasalubong) happy treats from beau who happened to travel Japan this year.  *okaeri* There’s so much to be discovered in Japan; hoping to visit it when the right time comes! 

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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