Imarflex Multi-Blender and Ice-Crusher (IM-3216GC) Unboxing

Imarflex Blender Review durable affordable functional

Imarflex Multi-Blender and Ice-Crusher (IM-3216GC) Unboxing

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I’ve decided to unbox my new blender since 4 months of buying it! Yes, it took me that long before I opened it, and I really have no reasons why. Haha, procrastination 101. Imarflex has become one of the “best buys” here at home as mom being our influence in all-things-home-related. So, when I saw this Imarflex Multi-Blender and Ice Crusher IM-3216GC on sale during the Christmas Season at Landmark Trinoma, without delay, I bought it!

3 Reasons for Buying Imarflex Blender Review

Imarflex Blender Review

Imarflex is a well-known brand here in the Philippines for its high quality home appliances — rice cookers, turbo broilers, convection ovens, air coolers, juicers, blenders — you name it! And whenever I ask my mom or even my titas out there, they’d always have Imarflex as one of the go-to brands in mind for home appliances.

Being influenced by my mom, I have no problem looking up to Imarflex as a brand of quality and durability. So, buying this blender was, I guess, partially impulsive, having half of the decision coming from a true subconscious penchant for Imarflex.So what’s inside the box?

Imarflex Blender Parts, Price, and Specifications

Imarflex Blender Parts and Specifications

  • Glass jar + Lid x 1
  • Coffee grinder/Miller + Cap x 1
  • Stainless steel blades (For both jar and coffee grinder)
  • Motor housing
  • Warranty card and Guide manual
  • Specifications: 1250 mL capacity, 12-speed setting, pulse blending, 350 watts, 230 Va.c.

My Reasons for Buying Imarflex Multi-Blender and Ice-Crusher (IM-3216GC)

1) My love for coffee – Having a blender that can help me make freshly ground coffee beans for a freshly brewed coffee using a coffee French press will surely make my day! From good to better mornings? Sounds great to me!

2) My love for smoothies – My mom told me to buy a blender with a glass jar which would be better for crushing ice. I do think that glass jars would be more “accepting” of the workload it has to do for making shakes and smoothies in the long run. I just have to be careful, though, with cleaning as to not break the jar just in case.

3) Affordability and Functionality – This cost me around PHP 2,000. Plus, this Imarflex Blender has not 1, not 2, but 12 speed functions! Functions include: stir, mix, whip, grind, shred, shake, beat, puree, grate, blend, chop, and liquify. That’s more than enough!

12 Speed Setting Imarflex Multi-Blender
12 Speed Setting of Imarflex Multi-Blender

Durability, Affordability, and Functionality — that basically makes me buy something for long-term, and I know Imarflex has it! Hoping to do more using this blender not only for smoothies and coffee, but also with baking! How about you, what do you consider when buying appliances?

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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12 thoughts on “Imarflex Multi-Blender and Ice-Crusher (IM-3216GC) Unboxing

  1. I want to go run to my blender and make smoothies now!! With lots of ice! If ever I’m in need of another I will look into this one – I like the glass aspect.

  2. A blender and an Ice Crusher? I would need such a kitchen appliance since I love making juice but it gets boring when I have to dip in some ice cubes.

  3. I’d love to have one of the multi blender with ice crasher (IM-3216GC) but i would like to now first howmuch it costs so I can save for it. thank you

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