Keep It Simple: Pitch Black Planner for 2016

Keep It Simple: Pitch Black Planner for 2016

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I finally found “the chosen planner” for this year 2016! It’s a totally pitch black medium-sized planner that is carrier-friendly (not heavy), gartered to keep it tact and uncoated with anything but black, keeping it as simple as it is. Now, let’s take a peek of the insides!

It greets you with the owner’s name hoping that once it’s lost and found by another, it goes back to where it really belongs. Similar with love… kiddin! :)) Moreover, a page wherein you can write more of personal info was made.

It has an overview of the year 2016 and the next year 2017 too.

 On a monthly pace, there will be a page with 4 quadrants in which you can place the tasks you have to do under the categories: Urgent, Non-urgent, Important, Non-important. I liked how this feature was placed inside the planner especially for a not so decisive person as me (but I’m working on that!).  You can prioritize and strategize the way you want your game, i.e. life, to be played! 😉

Every day, a spacious place is given for you to put anything — your must do’s of the day or your simple musings and learnings making this planner, if you opt to, a somewhat diary of your own.

I currently placed something that I’ve read over the web on the 6th of this month and the rest of the days are now scribbled with schedules for the nearing prelim examination. So, I’ll just leave this piece of quote here.

How about you, have you bought your planner already? Any features that made you like your planner more? Will you be decorating your planner in 2016? Let me know your insights thru the comments section! I’d love to hear from you! 

P.S. I bought this planner at Expressions, Fairview Center Mall for PHP 249.00.  So, if you’re into minimalist planners, you could try this one for your year! 🙂 (Thanks Sis Anna for your insight! hihi :*)

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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