Getting Ready for Long Term Travel Around the World

Long term travel tips and tricks: round the world trip

Getting Ready for Long Term Travel Around the World

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I believe travel is one of the luxuries of life that gives us not only fun and adventure, but also new learnings and insight about ourselves, our surroundings, and the people we relate to. It’s one of the ways we can spend time fruitfully. And It’s no surprise that it has become part of that so-called bucketlist for most — to travel around the world.

Going for a long world trip can be incredibly exciting and quite nerve-wracking to begin with. I’ve had friends who tried going out and about with their travel plans. And that made me wonder… where do I start? How does one prepare for long term travel goals?

Let’s make it concise and on point, shall we? In this article, we will talk about the three pillars that are needed the most attention. “Long World Trips” sure is quite intimidating to read, but as they say… if there’s a will, there’s a way. And we’re not here for a “no way”, rather a YES WAY!

Get a Long Term Travel Checklist of Must Haves

First on the list, your must-have travel documents. If you are planning on doing a huge world tour, then it is especially important to make sure you have not overlooked anything. So, get yourself a travel checklist of must haves that will always be with you wherever you are. ALWAYS.

The last thing you want is to find that your passport runs out before you need to come back, for instance, or you actually forgetting your passport on the day of flight. That’s two of the many possible scenarios we wouldn’t be vouching for in a supposedly fun, relaxing vacation. That would cause a lot of stress and delay which can be prevented by preparing the nitty gritty stuff ahead.

It is generally recommended that your passport lasts at least six months after you are due to return home, so better check that one out.

Moreover, some countries will require that you have a visa, so research beforehand to see whether this is going to be true in country or place of vacay interest.

Another long term travel tip: Make a note of those places which are going to ask you to buy a visa on arrival, so that you can make sure you have the necessary funds when the time comes.

Bottom line: Any travel documents you need to sort out, you should make sure you do so early, and in particular any that are going to require help or take time to complete. You might also need an authentifier for some of it, and that will take time too, so just make sure that you are fully planning ahead.

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Long Term Travel Budget:
Save, Allocate, Enjoy your Long World Trip!

Planning a vacation on a budget can be quite a task, especially if you are planning a very long trip. But that, I tell you, will make you thank yourself later.

Effectively allocating travel money to your travel necessities — from transport, accommodation, food and drink, clothes, gifts for friends and loved ones, money for excursions,and other fancy travel attractions that might interest you — will save you the hassle of getting an out-of-control credit.

So, once you save enough money for your trip, I advise you to make your long term travel budget list. From there, you can get an overview of your expenses and be rest assured that you are not going over and beyond your supposed budget.

Remember that you can definitely enjoy your long world trip even if you are “on a budget”. Travel around the world happily, spend smart and see things optimistically! You can get great deals even if you are to be on a budget in your long term travel. Save, Allocate, Enjoy.

It’s good to do this early on too, so that you can give yourself more of a chance to actually save up enough money for the trip, which is something that might take longer than you would hope for.

Planning for Your Travel Itinerary

It is enormously helpful if you make a long term travel planning of your itinerary. This way, you can make more time on must-see travel destinations as well as enjoy more attractions that are found in countries you are to visit.

If you don’t, nevertheless, you still might be able to wing it well. But it will almost certainly be a heavy, stressful weight to carry on your shoulders to get it all right. More so, you might find it more worrying too.

It doesn’t have to be very detail-specific to the point that you jot all down even to the last second of your day though. Just be sure to draw up at least a rough idea of where you are going and when.

With a thorough planning, you can make the most out of your time. Itineraries are there to guide your trip. It doesn’t have to be as solid as a rock to be followed, but it will definitely give you a direction on how you can optimize your travel around the world.

You can also use this long term travel planning to notify your loved ones elsewhere in the world of your whereabouts. Nothing beats your safety, so do yourself a favor and be safe during travel.

Ready to travel the world? Let me know your travel goals below!xoxo

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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