My Best Twelve of 2015

My Best Twelve of 2015

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Before I go to the next chapter of my life few hours from now, let me share to you the best 12 things that happened leading me to change in 2015.

Enero. Of course, I just had to showcase marsala. But beyond this beautiful face (I kid), is my venture to the world of M.D. It was my first time to do blood smears well-feathered (I believe) for our LabDx class! It was a cute achievement, haha. Moreover, I really could reminisce how I happened to juggle things just so I could finish reading all the transes and study for exams with limited amount of time. In this month, I learned that time is of the essence. We just have to work double time.If you want something, get it fast! Haha, but yes, procrastination was the greatest struggle. Although I still do procrastinate at times, I guess I’ve learned to make things more manageable for me this year.

Pebrero. The month of love!♥ I had a major occasion this year with my LAMP Family. It’s short for Loyal Alliance of Medical Professionals. We had a post-valentine acoustic concert for a cause in our organization and I’m thankful to realize the beauty there is in engaging into events for the benefit of other people. This opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities on how we can share something important, such as invested time, energy, and happiness,to be able to give back. More than the material things is your presence to another person.

Marso. I also learned that life is short to be stressed out with only one thing. Get the hang of sailing through the seas and share experiences with your loved ones in between. This helps ease the stress away! 🙂 This was one of the cutest moments I had with my nephew where we barged in a toy store. We couldn’t help ourselves, so we tried doing art and have my artsy-fartsy self shine bright like a diamond.

Abril. This was also the year I dreamt of becoming a good watercolor calligrapher. Haha. I haven’t bought any materials for such art, since I opted to use what my sisters had when they practiced for their gradeschool subject way back! Lols, ancient things going around the house, eh? Here’s a tribute to my loving parents who are always there for me in all my endeavors! I learned this year that simple things and/or gestures are more than just that. They are the things that count and often remembered. So, if you think of having something like a simple text, call, or any other  preparations for your loved ones, don’t give it a second thought; just do it.

Mayo. It’s my birth month!! To the more mature but still kid-at-heart me. 🙂  I guess I really haven’t changed my silly side, because I still do feel like I’m the girl who happened to have a really not-so-good-but-not-so-bad-either sense of humor, LOL. I’m still corny but I still feel I could make you laugh *grin* with my jokes. HAHA. I learned this year that in life, we have to learn to be stable and play grace under pressure. You can’t just get startled easily. You have to take it easy and learn to control emotions. Learn to stop, breathe and think before you act. This goes well also in making decisions. And oh, about decisions! I’ve also learned that you can’t just say “Bahala na” or “Kahit ano”. DECIDE! Decide for your life from now on. No to short-handed statements.

Hunyo. I was given the opportunity to be next head of our org, and as an initial project to head, I had to manage this year’s Batang Handa Project. It was one of the most nerve-racking times because I was new to this set-up of leading a team for an event. But, I guess we all get to have our firsts. This is my first headed project this year with LAMP and I’m grateful to have a wonderful opportunity for us to share time and knowledge with the kids.I learned that health education is a much needed topic for everyone. A simple handwashing is said to be simple, but not all are accustomed to such practice. It really is important to not neglect the first vital steps against diseases. I also learned that we don’t have to worry of what would eventually happen in the future. Focus your energy and love on what you have in the present and with the help of God’s grace, you will get through it all. Tiwala lang! 🙂

Hulyo. We had an academic calendar shift making our first day of classes as a 3rd year medstud in July! The most memorable time in July was the time we had our 1st general assembly in LAMP. We got a big crowd on the background and though that event was an overwhelming one, we got to pull it off because of the officers I had with me were all efficient! I guess hashtag blessed has a place in this one! Haha! After that, it was all about Life in Med!

Agosto. Got to watch Popoy and Basha’s One More Chance before we got the chance to watch the Second Chance. Chance three times in a row!! Lol. Relaxation in between is important so we don’t burn out! 😉

Setyempbre. Still same old studying, BUT this year made me admire my professors’ intellect and the critical thinking that comes along with it. Do you know that certain connection you get from someone through their teachings? It’s as if you get to be molded by their wisdom and life experiences. Doing rounds in the hospital with my classmates and rubbing elbows with our higher-ups as we listen to their remarks and clinical impressions gave me a boost to really act according to the profession. I learned also this year that in doing things, you have to realize where you are passionate about and what makes you inquisitive to learning.

Oktubre. Along the way, I had to go through a lot of ups and downs too. It was a very toxic month for me mentally, emotionally, physically. It’s a test of resilience as a person and as a person people could lean on at hard times. I could say this month had me tearing into tears, anxiety, and a lot of escalated feelings.


 Don’t ask for a month to be “good to you”. 

 Let it be rough on you. 

 Let it push you to the ground, crumble you and crush you until you ask for mercy. 

 Be glad for the punches it gives you. 

 Get to learn from them. 

 Learn from the hits and jabs until you become tougher… 

 After all, you are a fighter. 

 Fight and live your life until the end. 

This I’ve learned from all the curveballs thrown by ‘life’ to me. Looking back, I realized that I’m not the same Sandra a month ago. November got me drained, but through it all, I was reassured by my Greater God that I just have to keep on fighting – fighting together with my alas that is my faith. So for that, Thank you Dear November.

Disyembre. The merriest month of all! I got up and stood for a better me! 🙂 The greatest gift of all is love, and in December I have attested the love, that kind of love that does not boast and does not get even. I’m grateful to God to give me the wisdom and peace of mind after all the hurdles of the past two heavy months for me.

If I’ve learned a thing this year, it’s the willingness to accept, forgive, & find peace. Thank God for His intervention. God bless us!

Indeed, this year 2015 was a life-changing, self-molding year for me. I would never like to say I’ve “searched for me”, because I believe that in life, we don’t find ourselves or search for something about ourselves. It’s more of getting the hand of shaping your persona as you want it to be. The Year 2016 is fast approaching! May we all have a prosperous year ahead!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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