Naughty Nachos SM North EDSA

Naughty Nachos SM North EDSA

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Have you ever liked pairing up nachos and wings? I have always loved this combo because it totally satisfies my craving of sweet, spicy, and umami taste! We recently found out that Naughty Nachos, has now in fact, landed SM North EDSA!

I might have been too late about this news, but this is huge news for me, haha. We love this resto since our first visit at their pioneer shop a couple of years ago.

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The place has its carefree vibe with around 7 tables of 4-seaters. Just a small place but can satisfy your huge cravings!

Like their first resto, they have cute nacho cartoons placed on the walls. Really cute, eh? They add up a fun vibe too.

This one’s one of the best nachos I have ever tried! It has a lot of flavor and a LOT of cheeese!

Spicy wings are our go-to flavor! Adds up that oomph you need to hit that sweet spot for good wings! We do buy this pair often, usually for snacks or even after workout (though that could be counterproductive haha).

If you want to visit the place, it’s along Sky Garden at SM North EDSA. Other branches are already all over the Metro! Wanna try Naughty Nachos on their first site at Maginhawa? Read about it here.

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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  1. Oh my…nachos an wings are two of my favorite things. But in my case, I want more color on my machos, like red and green bell peppers as well as green onions. 🙂 Now, I'm hungry.

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