Next Chapter of a Medical Doctor

Next Chapter of a Medical Doctor

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Finally and officially a LICENSED M.D.

I’m so grateful to my family, especially my parents, and my friends who have always been my rock. I can’t believe that my colleagues and I have gone through all the hurdles of the past months and we came victorious! All Praises to the One Above! We FINALLY made it!

Licensed MD

I’m so happy that after 4 years in pre-Med, 4 years of post-grad and 1 year of internship, here I am finally turning a new leaf to this life I have invested on. I just wanted to share this quote I’ve made to everyone:

If you are feeling unmotivated by now,
You have been called for
your greater purpose in life!
If your life is full of worries due to your circumstances,
You’ve come this far, and you’ve grown to become stronger and wiser.
Stop what you’re doing, look at yourself in the mirror and listen to your heart.
Know what you truly love and live for in life.
If you are having some difficult times
because of the projects you are working on,
You’re already out of your comfort zone.
That means, you’re working your way to the top
You’re going against the currents and that in itself is ACTION.
If you think you had enough,
And then get back on track.
There’s nothing wrong with having some time for yourself.
Love yourself.

And so, in all things… I hope and pray for each of you, my reader.
Let’s keep the faith as we venture a new chapter this 2019!

Channeling the positivity! 

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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