Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Rotation

Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Rotation

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Spent the last half of March with my Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery rotation, a.k.a. E.N.T.  On my first day, my groupmates and I were assigned in the operating room wherein an ongoing procedure of  tonsillectomy of hypertrophic tonsils, Grade IV, was scheduled. Learning Point:  Tonsil Grading!  Got to witness how OHN-surgeons would be very meticulous about the structures to prevent too much blood loss during the process.

Case admission

In the afternoon, it was fortunate for me to admit a patient with a case of nodular nontoxic goiter. Physical examination and history-taking yet again.

Outpatient department

Every 3 days, we would head to the outpatient department from 7am to 4pm clinic hours and attend to patients. Got to experience how to do anterior and posterior rhinoscopies, direct and indirect laryngoscopy, check ear patencies and look through the otoscope and decipher the differences among ear diseases.

On from-duty

On From-duties, morning breakfast be like… Mcdonald’s!!

Token from the Senior

Simple token of appreciation from our seniors can  make your day. Thank you po! Coffee saves the day!
Our posts were the ward and emergency room.  Emergency Room post was quite busy, filled with the rush of adrenaline! There are midnights when you wake up at an ungodly hour but will eventually turn out to be a great fulfilling day after accomplishing a minor suturing of a linear laceration.
We also got to attend to the inauguration of the hearing center of the hospital we were rotating in together with the city mayor.
Ended my OHNS rotation with this delightful reminder up Above! To shine … shine and be full of color amidst the dark gray clouds of your own weather.

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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