Papa John’s Pizza: The Best Flavored Crust Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza: The Best Flavored Crust Pizza

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The besThe best flavored crust pizza definitely goes to Papa John’s Pizza! Read on to know why their flavored crust is the best!

The Best Flavored Crust Pizzas

Pizza is delicious. The combination of cheese, sauce, crust and toppings is something that everyone can enjoy. However, as great as a standard pizza may be, one with a flavored crust is even better. Everyone has their favorite toppings and pizzerias but not everyone has explored their crust options. These are some hints on finding the best flavored crust pizza.

Why Flavored Crust?

For a pizza to be truly great, it needs to nail every element. The cheese needs to have a great blend of mozzarella and other cheeses to create a flavorful, stringy but manageable layer. The sauce needs to have the right seasoning so that it has a full tomato flavor but without tasting like ketchup. The toppings need to add delicious accents to the rest of the pizza.

However, many people forget about the importance of the crust. Finding a pizza place with a great crust as its standard is always a wonderful experience. However, even the best crust can only be so good if it isn’t flavored. In short, adding the special crust just takes the whole pizza up a notch.

How Does Flavored Crust Work?

There are two main ways to flavor a crust: with ingredients added to the dough or on top of the crust. Some of the best flavored crusts combine both. A third option is to fold ingredients into the crust, which is somewhere between the other two options. Next time you are checking for “pizza specials near me tonight,” make sure to check out the flavored crust options. You may be surprised by what you can find.

Which is the Best?

Taste is subjective and there are a lot of flavored crusts out there. So, saying which is the best crust is a matter of opinion. That being said, the best choice is Papa John’s garlic parmesan crust. It is the perfect fit for many different types of pizza. It adds a wonderful cheesy and garlic flavor to the final bites of the slice (unless you prefer the crust-first method).

This pairs well toppings ranging from pepperoni to “The Works.” Whatever you want can be made even better with the garlic parmesan crust.

What Else Can Crust Do?

Many pizza places are innovating with their crusts. There have always been options like Sicilian, thin-crust and deep dish. Today, there are options such as gluten-free for people who are gluten intolerant. You don’t have to settle for just any old crust anymore. Instead, you can pick the right one to fit your taste in pizza. There has never been a better time to be a pizza lover.

Order Yours Tonight

Whether you go for Papa John’s garlic parmesan or another crust, order some pizza tonight. If you get the garlic parmesan, don’t forget to use the “track my pizza” tool. It is a great way to know when your order will arrive. If you are very impatient, maybe skip the tracker because it may feel like a pot boil. Get your pizza tonight with your favorite toppings and crust. Remember to keep on loving pizza.

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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