Previously: Weekend Treats and BORDER Jdorama

Previously: Weekend Treats and BORDER Jdorama

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Last Friday, I had to go back and forth from Quezon City to Manila City for some tasks by myself. It was kinda nostalgic for me since I used to go in my college via Manila route. When I entered Medschool, I had an opposite path to travel. So, I guess I’m getting the best of both (worlds) ends!

I applied for a Basic Life Support (BLS) training the other day which I’ll be taking soon at the end of this month before June starts (which is when clerkship starts). Wans’t able to eat my breakfast, so after application I went to a nearby coffee shop and got myself an iced Caramel Macchiato and a glazed doughnut to-go. Yes, too early for something sweet, but I was craving for it! Hihi. Was able to go back to QC and take pictures of the school we hope to improve in our org called LAMP. Last year, we provided healthcare supplies to the kids which you can read about here

I guess the daily pace of my life has influenced me to embrace the sneakers-associated attires now! It’s more comfy and makes me wanna go around a lot more! I hope everyone can devote even just 30 minutes of our day to sweat and feel good about ourselves! It will never be too late to change our ways for the sake of our health 🙂

On a Saturday, I just had to start (and finish) one jdorama I’ve been eye-ing to watch! It’s BORDER starring Oguri Shun. If you are a frequent reader, you will know how deeply in love I am with Japan dramas eventually making me study a bit of Nihonggo! I still have my dream to travel Japan up until now. Anyway, this jdorama hooked me soo much that I was able to watch the whole series in a day!! I really like how BORDER shows the reality of our system, the influence, the power, and the vulnerabilities of every aspect of our ever-changing course in society. Really worth the watch! 

Also made my darkchoco-coffee combo drink like I used to in college — Brewed coffee, Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate, and more hot water! I’m gonna savor this month of relaxation before I work work work in June! *giddy* 

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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