The Professional Ladder to Your Dream Career

The Professional Ladder to Your Dream Career

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Few days from now, we’ll be having our oath taking ceremony. It feels like a new graduation rites… I love that kind of anticipation! That feeling which makes you special in some way, because after all the hard work, here you are finally getting your license of a dream turned reality! But before I forget all the excitement coming from this anticipation, I’m here to share with you one BIG life insight I have come to realize. 
If there is something I can ultimately advise you by now, it’s this: You are never too young to consider and contemplate about your dream career. In fact, from the moment you set your mind on the kind of studies you want to do and/or the college degree you would want to apply to, you need to be clear about your professional future. 

I guess it is easier said than done, because for one, I too had some difficulties deciding on that path I wanted to take; and two, there just seems to be so much options along the way, crossroads as they say, that will present to you and what’s making it harder is the fact that THAT decision will lead to a certain destination. But no matter what, one must decide, and that ONE is YOU. In the end, it will always be up to you.
A common misconception for young adults is to believe that a degree is all it takes to build a career. In reality, there is such a thing as a professional ladder that is designed to take you to your dream job! I never really thought about it way back until I got into mid-20’s. 
I find that this motivation to work your way to your path as soon as you acknowledge it is the best move you can do for your life. So now that I have realized how important that is, I am sharing it with you before you realize it late. Here are my insights that I believe will help you get through that and start building your professional ladder to success! 
Here’s a hint. Purpose — the first thing you need to know about building your ladder is that it should be built around the concept of YOUR PURPOSE. Moreover, whether the ladder is going to be a long or a short one depends entirely on your skills, your situation, and your career choice. But as ladders go, they all share common elements you need to understand and master to move to the next step as smoothly as possible.

 1) It’s a ladder

While this might sound like a tautology, it’s fair to say that most people forget that a ladder is all about climbing. To put it clearly, it means that you still have a lot to learn after you leave college to be fit for the professional scene. Have you ever heard of the saying experience is the best teacher?  That’s precisely why graduate and entry jobs play a significant role in your development. 
For instance… imagine you’ve graduated with a BA degree now ready to tackle the complex world of banking institutions, the truth is that your degree will never prepare you as well for the job of a bank manager than banking graduate jobsSame goes with Medicine. Having a medical degree, in my part, has opened new doors for me. But after graduation, I needed to undergo further training through a year of internship to hone the skills mastered in post-graduate course and get more experience from the hospitals I’ve rotated in. 

 2) You are in charge of the direction and pace

Your professional ladder is a path that directs you to your dream job, but it doesn’t happen overnight. More importantly, it doesn’t occur naturally. Knowing this lessens the frustration from wanting results so quickly. The key to turning your dream into action is to define not only the appropriate direction but also measurable actions you need to take on the way. 

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3) There is no solitary climber

As the saying goes, no man is an island. Of course, you are not going to share your job with anyone else, but it doesn’t mean that your professional career is isolated. Building your network or your connections can really help a lot! In fact, networking can dramatically improve your chances of moving your career in the right direction. Effective networking is another way of making friends in your professional environment. Think of it as meeting people who share common interests.
So what’s the take-home of all this? It’s never impossible to reach new heights! One step at a time, you can climb your career ladder to land your dream job. Making it work is a matter of where and how fast you choose to rise and the support you gather throughout your journey.
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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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9 thoughts on “The Professional Ladder to Your Dream Career

  1. It's interesting the career path I have fallen into. It's not something I really learned too much in college, well, I guess I kind of did?, but here I am!! I blog and do youtube videos full time! I bet there are classes for that these days in school but back when I was in school it wasn't really a thing – or was just starting to be!

  2. I also think it is a ladder, and it is very important to continue to learn and better yourself. For example, while I am on maternity leave, I have started translating as a volunteer, in order to keep myself focused.

  3. I've found career advancement to be vertical as well as horizontal as far as the ladder analogy goes! It's so important to allow yourself grace when going out into the real world after Uni. Having patience with oneself helps a lot!

  4. Some people just are patient enough for the climbing the ladder and starting out at the bottom to gain experience. It’s important to gain experience and learn . Life is a marathon not a sprint.

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