Unli Korean Food at Willium’s Korean Carving Kitchen

Unli Korean Food at Willium’s Korean Carving Kitchen

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We discovered a new (but not so new) place to satisfy our samgyup cravings! Now you can eat-all-you-can at this korean resto that offers unlimited korean food. One night my family and I decided to just go for a ride and try out something new. We wanted some korean meat yet again, and so we went for it. My brother-in-law told us about this resto nearby which apparently had some great feedback coming from him. It’s a place that is cozy, and few people are here at night. That was a good thing because we do not have time to waste waiting for long lines that time.

Willium’s Korean Carving Kitchen is situated along Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City. Definitely accesible and easy to be identified in various map apps.

Once you enter the place, you are welcomed by the staff with smiles on their faces. They are very attentive and amicable. One thing that makes this different from the rest of the all-you-can-eat korean bbq grill is their generous display of various meat on a long table together with the different sauce and condiments they offer. Now you won’t have to wait on your table asking for refill, because you yourself can stand up and do the refilling yourself! Get whatever you want, whenever you want it!  

Various types of meat were pre-marinated already. You can choose how much meat you want to get and grill pronto once you sit down. For the unlimited samgyupsal package that is PHP 399.00/person, you get to have hangjungsal (pork jowl), spicy pork, sweet pork, pork ear, doejikopjil (pork skin), moksal (pork shoulder), and of course samgyup (pork belly)!

They also offer other unlimited packages such as bulgogi+samgyup (PHP 499.00/person), and the Ultimate Meat Buffet for PHP 599.00/person.

Did I just say that they have a lot of sauce to choose from? They got sweet soy, sesame oil, chili garlic oil, spicy vinegar, chili soy, jack daniel sauce and my top 2 sauces: the ssamjang and cheese dip!! Such a heavenly line-up, right?

I discovered ssamjang when I watched Chef and My Fridge on Netflix during my board exam preparations. The chefs would usually use it to add flavor to their dishes and that made me curious of its taste. Having to see this finally in Willium’s made me really giddy to try it, and it didn’t disappoint — it was really good! The cheese dip was really creamy … more on a creamy note than cheesy, actually;  but I like how it counters the rest of the sauce flavors.

They use butane stoves rather than charcoal, so there was less smoke. I kind of like that it prevents me from coughing a lot because too much smoke can make me feel uneasy.

Just look how bountiful the table is with all the side dishes they have to offer!

Yes, they do not delay. They serve right away. And your tummy becomes happy right then and there. Such a great place to be at! After the big eat, my nephew and I decided to have some ice cream! I got Samanco, my all-time fave vanilla with red bean flavor, while he got himself a Melona in honeydew flavor.

The place is said to be busy during lunch/afternoon, and gets to slow down in the evening. Overall, I am satisfied with Willium’s Korean Carving Kitchen. They got various meat, different sauces to choose from (plus they have the ssamjang and cheese dip which I truly love!), they got ice cream for you, and various side dishes as well. And above all else, you never have to settle for less… because there’s no need to wait for too long.

So overall, my experience was great! It was the best experience so far!

If you want to satisfy your cravings for samgyup with the right atmosphere for you to have some time with friends and/or family, then you have to try Willium’s Korean Carving Kitchen. Check the rest of what they have to offer; I have posted the picture of their menu below.

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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  1. We love going to korean bbq here in Baltimore MD. it is such a fun destination for our family. what a great find for you and it looks so delicious. Love the flavors and sauces, so much to try.

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