Using Your Smartphone To Have Fun With Friends

Having Fun with Friends and Smartphones

Using Your Smartphone To Have Fun With Friends

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The digital life has indeed infiltrated us in all ways — from work, home, get-togethers, vacations and the like, you name it! I, for one, use it mostly for work and connecting with friends and workmates online as needed. But once in a while, I use it to take a break from worries and just simply have fun! Here I share with you ways on how you can make these little machines do more and help you use your smartphone to have fun with friends!

Having Fun with Friends and Smartphones
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I’m a sucker for memories, and having a smartphone with me, especially when a bulky pro camera can’t be carried, is always a smart idea. Taking photos is always a lot of fun, and it also has benefits by giving you the chance to look back at the time you’ve spent with the people you care about. What’s more exciting is when my friends and I would use backdrops to make cool and vibrant photos to share and post in social media! With some tools from a company like The Backdrop Lab, your smartphone will be able to take pictures like never before, enabling you to capture the moment without worrying about the quality. Modern smartphones have some of the best consumer-grade cameras in the world attached to them.

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Video Games

Whenever my friends and I feel like we can’t do nothing but chill, video games do the trick! There are loads of multiplayer options out there, and most of them are completely free. Video games make everything more interactive especially with more multiplayer options. Not only do you get more fun, but also make more memories. And I guess that simply makes everything better with smartphones!

Tabletop Games

Video games can be fun, but nothing will set the mood quite like a tabletop game. Of course, though, these sorts of activities are notoriously hard to embark on, but smartphone apps are making more designs lately for these games to be easier, taking away the awkwardness which comes with trying to have fun. You just need to find a game which everyone will enjoy. But if you and your friends are all just starting to learn and get the hang of playing the game, clueless and all, that would make an even enjoyable time well spent with friends. Imagine the chaos from figuring things out!


As always, sharing is caring. Whenever my friends and I have discovered great movie shows to watch, new TV shows on air, top music on the playlist, and the like, we share them and make it sure that we help out find ways enjoying them. This is a great way to keep communication open with friends, and find enjoyable common denominators that you and your friends would find interesting everyday.

Ready to take on the challenge of finding ways to make your smartphone a tool to enjoy? A lot of people feel sad about how important these phones have become, especially when this starts to impact their social time. I had my shares of procrastination too, but don’t forget that this machine shall not take charge! Always remember that these little machines are here to help us become more efficient and take in more memories with us. We just have to see the brighter side of things! 😉

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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11 thoughts on “Using Your Smartphone To Have Fun With Friends

  1. I don’t think I could live without my phone! It is definitely the #1 way I keep in touch with friends and family. All of these are great ways to keep in touch!

  2. I play games with my friends all of the time. Right now, we’ve been playing a game called Draw Something which is just like Pictionary. Since I’m a terrible artist, it’s hilarious.

  3. I absolutely can’t live without my phone, I’m not big on social media, but I do use it to keep in touch with my friends and family especially the ones who live abroad and for gaming. 😛

  4. Such a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. Can I add “writing a blog” to the list?! Best decision I made to keep in touch with family and friends when we moved thousands of miles from home.

  5. Using your phone to have fun with friends is a great idea. I use mine mainly for business and education, I should use it to take more pictures of my friends and family.

  6. Using smartphone are great specially when you long distance relationship to your friends but always have limitation for using social media because nowadays this is one of the toxic things. great post

  7. Yes, using smartphone with friends is such a fun. We always play multi player games sometimes to share some music file and movies too

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