What I’m Up To

What I’m Up To

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My first week back to school = speechless. Pressure is everywhere! We are being bombarded by requirements and self-realizations now that we are in 3rd yr 2nd sem. It’s like all the batteries I’ve “recharged” for my system to get back and win the battle is about to drain! LOL. XD I have four major subjects this semester which comprises Developmental Biology, Research Methodology, Microbiology, and Animal Physiology. Right now, I’m still a little bit relaxing, but I know things will turn out to be really REALLY toxic just before Christmas break commences. We shall prepare for the first blood shed of the semester aka exams #Exaggeration

Just awhile ago, we had a seatwork in Micro Bio Lab. The task was to draw examples of the following microorganisms — under Protista, Fungi, and Eubacteria. Here’s a piece of paper of what I submitted! LOL

On another note, here’s what I just ate for dinner! ~Pomodor Sechi and Panini bread~

Pomodor Sechi and Panini bread

This was given by my sister as a “pasalubong”. I can’t ask anything greater than having a family who’s there anytime. We never fail to cope with one another either through text messages, phone calls, get-together’s or food treats!! ^-^ #blessed

‘Til here!

PS: I decided to leave my previous account. I’m now tweeting at @OUJOHARU You can follow my twitter account, which I ALWAYS update! 😀

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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