Yakimix on a Friday

Yakimix on a Friday

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Yakimix recently opened their SM North Edsa branch! We usually eat at DADS or Saisaki for that ultimate eat-all-you-can experience, but just for a change, we tried Yakimix out. 😀 The ambiance was really great! The moment I saw the place I was like, “Now I know the reason why most people would choose to eat here rather than the other buffet restaurants out there”. Being a maki lover, I had to try almost everything that is in the sushi/maki section! XD It was my first plate. LOL! Of course I didn’t miss the tempura goodness! =))

I also did some grillin’ at their smokeless grill. The marinated stuff were good! They were yummy, IMO, especially those asparagus and carrots wrapped with bacon, haha! You guys must try ’em out! I thought the “stress left-overs” from my acad-related life were relieved after I tried the smokeless grill. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of everything I ate already because I got carried away, LOL. I ate a lot and ended up having a really happy stomach! XD

And oh, about the ambiance, here’s the buffet table! Really pleasing to the eyes, eh? 🙂

It has almost the same price as any other buffet restaurants we went to, so I guess the price was worth it! I was really full after anyway! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! 😀


Do you skip meals just to get your stomach all set for that one time-big time Eat-All-You-Can Experience? 😀 FYI: I didn’t eat the whole day except for breakfast just to make my stay in Yakimix at dinner time worth it! XD

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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