Hello! I am Sandra — a Family Medicine doctor, Biologist, and a Health and Wellness Blogger from the Philippines. Through my years of blogging and working with people, I have come to realize the importance of taking care of our overall health as early as we can. Most of the time, we get caught up by various external factors which may affect us one way or another. But in gist, our life is affected by work and stressors which could lead to physical, mental, spiritual, or even emotional turmoil.Fortunately, there is a way to keep things in place. We can keep up with our day-to-day duties wherever and whenever. It all depends on how we formulate our personal way of life. That is why I am here to share with you effective productivity hacks and lifestyle habits you can do to make things easier for you!

This blog focuses on your personal development, productivity, as well as lifestyle tips on how to lead a balanced life. We will tackle tips on how you can promote proper self-care, breathers away from work through food and travel, and a life of positivity!

But wait, there’s more to this blog!

I also share how I manage things my way. That means, you will see snippets of my life throughout this blog — on how I would apply everything I have aforementioned into my personal way of life — that is, the Med Life.

Together, let us share experiences as we talk about  anything rad!

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