Internal Medicine Rotation

Internal Medicine Rotation

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After my rotations in Surgery, OB-Gyne, CFM, here came Internal Medicine! I had my December and January reserved for that department

Out-patient department

I had my first 8 days to cater needs of outpatient department patients. The usual time in would be at 8 in the morning. A line of patients’ folders would start to get piled up then. Skills in terms of patient interaction, history taking,  physical examination and having a working impression and possible management in mind are the usual roles expected from us clerks. We would then refer all patients to the attending senior physician for the final assessment and plan. The consultation ends with a thorough explanation of the management and medications to be given to the patients.


I had my schedule for the intensive and critical care the following week. In here, patients are monitored strictly. The interaction comes in when we monitor the patient, when we refer to residents, nurses and other healthcare professionals as well as when we have opportune time to have rounds together with the consultants/residents (they usually ask us of what we think would be best for the patient). Our inputs, if correct, are acknowledged… if however not applicable for the patient, they would explain and teach us their insights. One of the moments I’d remember would definitely be that time when I had a one-on-one talk with a consultant; ended up having my name written on the chart! Surreal first for me! Like “Is this really happening???” Lol. ♥

I realized how important communication is especially during endorsements. The charts are important as all orders and monitoring records are there. I appreciated getting the hang of reading the orders and somewhat see to it that they are done. Referrals if needed, are done by clerks — another venue for learning.

Outside hospital rotations

We had our outside rotations at 2 hospitals. We had a lot of extractions, insertions, and patients to monitor. A lot of cases were seen too.  I guess the most difficult feeling I had during this time was when I spent my first Christmas Eve away from home. The feeling was new and strange. I then realized that I do not have enough right to complain for even our patients didn’t choose to be in their state of admission during the holidays… But life goes on, and we must keep on fighting. All of us. We ended the year 2016 with our last duty outside!

On our way home ~ Holidays be like this!

On our inside rotation, the focus was more on admission histories and admission conferences. Theoreticals were applied and reinforced. Concepts were analyzed and tackled. There are grand rounds every week wherein an interesting case would be discussed, consultants and residents would have a discourse, questions would be answered and evaluated.

Little hi’s and hello’s from the Above are worth mentioning too.

Of Blessings Above and Sto. Niño’s Feast Day. 
A couple of Lava cakes from a senior resident
Slice of chocolate cake from a patient
An ice cream treat from a birthday celebrator colleague
A morning dose of coffee and taho with bebu.
And the Ever-missed pancit and fresh lumpiang ubod I dearly love with peanut sauce by mom
Within 24 hours of duty and the next when I came home.
There are days when you doubt and feel like the weather glooms with you. Or is it just you?
The Heavens keep on pinching me not to feel the same tho. Thank You, Sto.Niño, for the  warmth you gave through your messengers during the feast last Sunday when I was on duty.
Skies can be dark but still can be mixed in white. 💕 Viva Sto. Niño!

Family time will always be there, of course! We really just have to make time for the things that matter.♥

All in all, my rotation in Internal Medicine was great! I had new skills acquired, new colleagues been known, a bunch of inspiration been gathered,  and a stronger person been made.

Until then.

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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