Essential Oil Journey: Five Reasons I Stick With It

Young Living Premium Starter Kit Philippines

Essential Oil Journey: Five Reasons I Stick With It

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Essential oils have become a staple! Five months since I started my Oil Journey, here are five reasons why I stick with it! 

Young Living Premium Starter Kit Philippines

Essential oils help me easy body pains *Thank you Pan Away!*

The very reason why I bought my premium starter kit was because of my intermittent back pains and headaches. Yes, I must admit that I also got into a very bad shape for the past year – uncontrolled eating, sleepless nights, stress, and that cortisol surge must have hit me hard! (sinisi ko pa si cortisol haha) – and that quite manifested in my body. Good thing, my sister introduced me to essential oils. Buying the premium starter kit was my intro to the world of essential oils. I decided to buy it despite the quite steep price for “oils” but sooner I realized that they are not “just oils”. They are therapeutic-grade and pure essential oils – what I was getting was premium quality. 🙂

Essential Oils in PSK Young Living
Essential Oils included in the PSK (not included in the pic: Stress Away which is on the 2nd layer of the box!)

It did not disappoint me too because just a few drops of PanAway onto my neck and shoulders was *magic*!! This is a potent essential oil, so I needed to put it to a carrier oil or a plain lotion and mix it before spreading to the aching areas.  The pain’s almost gone in a few minutes and the scent of the essential oils were really relaxing to begin with.

Diffuser Mist and PSK YL PH
Super pretty box and my favorite diffuser on the background – Desert Mist Diffuser

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Essential Oils and the Road to a Happier State of Mind *Citrus Fresh and Peppermint*

As I have stated, these oils are so relaxing that my olfactory nerve seemed like in a celebratory mode every time!! Haha They lift my spirits up too! Certain oils are refreshing in the morning like Citrus Fresh and some makes me quite perky like Peppermint. In the midst of stress? Stress Away might be right for you!

Product Guide inside PSK Young Living Philippines
Inside the PSK is a product guide to know more about essential oils

Getting in the Zone of Meditation *Frankincense and Copaiba*

One of my well-sought off self-care habits during the pandemic is meditation. And to get into the zone, I use Frankincense to diffuse together with lavender and peppermint and copaiba essential oil too. This just brings me to another state of mind  – a calmer, more grounding arena  with just me, my mind and body.

NingXia Red in Premium Starter Kit
Inside the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) are two sachets of Ning Xia Red drinks

More Focused than Ever with Essential Oils! *Rosemary and Raven*

Meditation has helped me be more focused to the NOW. I am quite a thinker –  I ‘’m quite the anxiety-driven thinker and / or procrastinator until I realize that I haven’t gotten things done. These essential oils was actually advantageous for me as I get to be more focused and be more oriented to whatever I do – my favorite blend is the combination of Rosemary, Lemon, and Peppermint. Sometimes, whenever I feel like I need a breather, Raven is added into my diffuser blend.

As “Tita” As It Gets, I just LOVE Sniffing ESSENTIAL OILS!

Even before having essential oils, I have always likened sniffing oils from well-known department store brands *hello efficascent and other balms out there!* and just having the chance to MAKE MY OWN BLENDS with my Own therapeutic-grade essential oils is a fun hobby when I got my own kit! Now, I bring my own oil blends rather than buying from stores. I just stock up on my own roller bottles, carrier oil (I like almond oil) and therapeutic-grade essential oils. They are so fragrant to the point that just opening the roller bottle, people surrounding me gets to smell the goodness the oil brings!

I actually made Facebook and Instagram pages just for my oil journey. You can check them out below:



ARE YOU INTERESTED IN HAVING YOUR OWN PREMIUM STARTER KIT?  You can get yours now to start your Oil Journey! You can also message me if you want me to get your kit for you! 😉  Give yourself a gift towards your Journey to Essential Oils

Seed to Seal Ptemium Essential Oils by Young Living
Seed to Seal – A promise of premium quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living farms worldwide

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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