What is Self Care and How to Do It Right

What is Self Care and How to Do It Right

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If you’re looking for a way to better look after yourself, the chances are that you’ve already heard of self-care. In a world filled with work, family responsibilities, chores, and other stresses, it can be hard to carve out this time for yourself. But self-care is a vital part of life, and it’s often what keeps us going so we can tackle everything else.

What Self-Care Is

As a concept, self-care is fairly simple. It’s in the name, you care for yourself. But people have different ideas about what self-care should involve. In a way, this isn’t a bad thing. We’re all different people, it makes sense that we have different needs and preferences. But healthy self-care should cover the bases of all of our needs. This means that it can take work and planning to get right. 

Planning Your Care

The biggest hurdle to self-care also happens to be the reason we need it so much. Life gets in the way. You might prioritize everything else but yourself. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout and exhaustion, which leaves you miserable and unable to cope with everything else you have to worry about. Treat self-care like one of your responsibilities. Add it to your work or study schedule so you know you’ll take breaks when you need them. This can actually improve your productivity and reduce your stress levels all at once. As well as scheduling breaks each day, take bigger chunks of time as well. Set aside a day or weekend for yourself. 

Relaxing Self-Care

One aspect of self-care and stress management most people are aware of is simply taking time to do nothing other than what you want to do. This might mean curling up in front of the television binging from a streaming service. You can watch almost everything now, and even use a VPN for some services or to find a Popcorn Time alternative if it doesn’t have what you want to watch. Or you might prefer reading, board games, spending time with friends, or going on a hike. If possible, try to have some variety. 


Having a duvet day or chilling out and doing what you like might be fun and relaxing, but it’s not exactly healthy all the time. As mentioned above, you need variety to have an effective self-care plan. This means including activities and practices that are good for you, even if you don’t feel like it. Exercise is a great example of this. You might not feel like getting up and working out, but it is great for your physical and mental health. Besides, most people feel better and more energetic after a good workout. You should also think about what you eat and drink. Rather than just eating junk food when you want to relax, get some healthy snacks in. Finally, think about your mental health as well. Time to yourself can be healthy, but so can time with others. Don’t isolate yourself and, if you need to, talk to people.

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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