The 10 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for Medical Students

The 10 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for Medical Students

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Christmas is fast approaching! Haven’t decided yet on what to give your med student friends this Christmas? One thing that your friends in medicine or in the medical profession would highly appreciate would be the functionality of a gift — something that they can use for the rest of their semester. It may be their go-to school stuff when they buy in bookstores, or something practical which they could carry with them when they study out in coffee shops or libraries.

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Here are the 10 best Christmas gifts for medical students that I attest a med student would love to receive this Christmas!

1) Wooden Bookstand 

I had my fair share of back and neck aches when I was in medical school, particularly because of bad posture whenever I read transcriptions and books. So, having this wooden bookstand really helped me a lot to correct my posture and have a better level of viewing my books and transcribed notes! Almost everyday is study day (with rest in between) for a med student. So, this is a really good investment!

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2) Skeleton Bone Pens 

A pen will always be essential to a medical student who is on the go. I bet no medical student would be confident to be out and about without his or her mighty pen always ready inside one’s pocket. You’ll never know when a note must be made during lectures, or a history be taken along the hospital halls. It’s the most important thing for a medical student! Having skeletal bones sure would make one’s day perky and well more medically-inclined!

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3) Highlighters 

One thing that makes reading easier for me when I was a medical student was the use of multi-colored highlighters. Some would really just use one color, some may use 2 colors, others would use 3, but me? I get six! It really depends on the medical student’s preference, but having some cool colors such as this pastel edition of Stabilo really gave a boost to my studying. It’s like rewarding your eyes and brain at the same time. So, this is a must have!

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4) Slique Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler 

This is a handy way of bringing your cold or lukewarm water, hot coffee, or your own smoothie/fresh fruit concoction wherever you may go. Having a tumbler is essential plus! it prevents one from keeping on buying bottled water when you have a free water dispenser at school. It can let you save the hassle from buying and throwing bottles out and it can save the hassle financially with the savings you can get from it 

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5) Coffee French Press 

What better way to start the morning than to make your freshly brewed coffee? Yes, I am a coffee lover ever since but medschool, made me love it more!! It’s a holy grail for a morning starter. This is a good buy for those who love coffee. You can brew every morning without too much hassle. You can choose which ground beans you want for the day too!

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6) Kaffea Coffee with Coconut Sugar

I recently discovered Kaffea and I love their coffee! What makes this stand out in my stash is the addition of coconut sugar. For those who doesn’t have the time to press ground coffee beans, this could be a life savior! Instantly make your day all good with Kaffea coffee with coconut sugar.

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7) Planner for 2019

It can be daunting to have a lot of tasks to do to the point that you don’t know which one to do first. Having a planner is a good way to prioritize and see which tasks are better off settled now and which tasks to do later. It can also be a diary of some sort for a medical student. I prefer something simple and sleek such as a pitch black planner. You can check out the other colors too! 

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8) Post-it and Sticky Note Pad

A med student will always have something in mind whenever he or she reads / studies for the exams. I, for one, will have post-its and sticky notes ready with me. I see to it that when I read, I integrate something I already know. That way, I’d have a better grasp of what I am studying. Post-its can be a helpful tool for integrating and reinforcing what you already know and what new information you want to integrate on that topic. Colorful flags are a must for me, because it helps me organize the information and color-code it! Check this 2-in-1 note pad for yourself!

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9) WS The Illustrated Atlas of the Human Body 

This is best being invested on especially if you are to enter MedSchool. Gross Anatomy is a freshman subject that can be very intimidating but with the right materials, such as WS The Illustrated Atlas of the Human Body, you’re gonna get better! If you are a visual learner, then this will come in handy! 

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10) Stethoscope 

This is the real deal investment that will be used for years. I bought my stethoscope in 2014, and up to now I have it with me. It’s the best gift for a medical student who will soon become a licensed doctor. 

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So there you have it! These are the best gifts for a medical student that I would personally love if I were given a gift, haha. Too medically-inclined, I know, but these are only examples that you might try to ponder on when buying a gift for your friends or family who are in the medical profession. As I’ve said, these are functional and practical gifts that I have personally chosen. But, you can go find something they would prefer, for instance a new lipstick to shoo the stress away, or a new hoodie that will keep them company anywhere! Already decided to take the leap and buy any of these? Then shop through the links now!

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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18 thoughts on “The 10 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for Medical Students

  1. These are perfect ideas for gifts for medical students! I don't have any friends in medical school but i have a few friends in nursing school and I think some of these would be really great ideas!

  2. This is a great list for Med students but also for those in medical field. I personally would have loved to have the sticky note pad when in grad school to ensure I stayed on top of things!

  3. I don't know anyone in medical school but I can see why these items can be great gifts for students who prepare to become doctors. You can never have too many pens, highlighters and notebooks when you study!

  4. Lots of fun gift ideas for the medical students and even nursing students in your life – I think these work for anyone really. That wooden back support would be helpful for me as I often use my laptop when not at my desk. That would really help keep my back supported! Thanks 🙂

  5. I have been a physician for over 30 years and I love many of these gifts. Might expand this post to include all healthcare providers! I am seriously interested in those bone pens!

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