Extra! Extra! at Bourne Legacy

Extra! Extra! at Bourne Legacy

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I was fortunate enough to be one of the extras in the Bourne Legacy shoot held yesterday~~^-^ I didn’t have any big roles though ~HAHA What is ambisyosa of me ne~ but the fact that I had seen stars like Rachel Weisz, Jeremy Renner as well as our Filipino pride John Arcilla and Valerie Bariou Bondoc and the fact that I was 1-meter away from them in certain circumstances of the shooting already made my day! #gettingtheirvibes LOL! The directors and asst. directors were quite wacky too, which made our lives easier coz we get to laugh at times when energy drops low due to exhaustion. Taking pictures of the artists, however, were prohibited so I got no souvenir pics or signatures from them.

Got a stamp to be recognized as one of the extras and not just an intruder. LMAO. Okay, #feelingera.com

I filled out a form before the shoot! Yeheeess. I was branded ARTIST for a moment. LMAO. #masfeelingera.com

They were still setting up while we were being designated in specific roles. HAHA! Kk, I had the role of an employee. We were many, I tell you! So it’ll be lucky of me if I get a scene in the movie. How I wish!! Hours have passed… Shooting.. Rehearsal…. Blah..

I rested for a while at 1AM and ate my late dinner! Just took a vanity shot to keep me sane. I just had to go online as well and check twitter and FB. So I basically spent my day like that! From 3PM of the 22nd to 4AM of the 23rd. An Extra in an International Movie for a day wasn’t so bad. It was exhausting, but I think the experience is worth my time. I am not expecting to be seen in the movie but if God wills that my parts would not be edited out then that’d be great!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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