SUMO NIKU: Unlimited Japanese BBQ SM North EDSA

SUMO NIKU: Unlimited Japanese BBQ SM North EDSA

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Found a new Japanese Restaurant in SM North that serves unlimited Japanese barbeque! One of the new SM North EDSA North Towers Restaurants is SUMO NIKU that serves unlimited Japanese yakiniku or grilled meat for almost the same price as other BBQ joints around Manila!

Sumo Niku SM North EDSA North Towers

Barbeque Meat Variants

They offer unlimited Japanese yakiniku served with unlimited Japanese rice, side dishes, soup and salad!

  • SIX (6) kinds of PORK(Black Pepper Pork, Sesame Pork, Spicy pork belly with teriyaki sauce, Pork belly thin, Pork belly with teriyaki sauce, and Pork tenderloin)
  • FOUR (4) kinds of BEEF (U.S.Premium beef, Wagyu Beef, U.S. Premium Beef with teriyaki sauce, and U.S. Marinated Beef), and
  • TWO (2) kinds of CHICKEN(Teriyaki and Spicy chicken variants)
Sumo Niku Menu and their unlimited yakniku
Sumo Niku Menu

Sumo Niku Side Dishes

They offer various side dishes as well. However during our stay, some of the side dishes being offered were unavailable, so we didn’t get to have the french fries, fried dumplings and fried crab meat that were initially placed on their menu. Other side dishes that were present, nonetheless, were the classic lettuce, kimchi, okra, cucumber, potatoes, and seaweed. Of course, rice is there as a staple!

Our Sumo Niku Experience

Turnover-wise, we got our seats faster than the typical eat-all-you-can bbq joints with long waiting lines, so that was a relief! I guess the timing was also crucial since we got there a couple of minutes earlier than the usual “dinner rush hour”, haha.

Initially, we were told to place our yakiniku order 2 variants at a time, so we did. The meat serving per plate was just 2 slices per plate so we were slightly disappointed. Although I could not blame them for I guessed that they were just trying to prevent wasteful discard of meat served due to over-refilling or something along that line…. But as “maparaan” / eager as we are as Filipinos, *PRO TIP* the moment our orders had been served, we just placed the succeeding yakiniku plate orders so we did not have to wait much for the refill! We just gauge our gastric capacities once in a while, so we would not over-refill! Haha.

Sumo Niku Yakiniku Grill

Taste-wise, their meat is delicious! Every bite was bursting happiness for my tastebuds. We had to cut the meat in smaller chunks, so the plate we initially had containing 2 beef slices, for instance, happened to had served us well (2 adults and 1 kid with a big appetite). The moment we finished the 2 plates, our second order had been served since we “pre-ordered” while grilling.

Sumo Niku

Sumo Niku seems to be from the same company as Yakimix as I have noticed that some of their servers were wearing the Yakimix uniform. The servers during our time were attentive. Even the manager was working double time to serve and even adjust the grilling temperature for us. So, kudos for their effort and service!

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Sumo Niku Location

Sumo Niku is located at 2nd Floor of SM North EDSA, North Towers Building near the BridgeWay. For more information, you may check their Sumo Niku Facebook Page

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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  1. I always wanted to go to a place like this. Till now, I don’t know to have something similar in my city. I have to see if there is somewhere close to the city. You just reminded me of my dream on eating in a place like this.

  2. I always love barbecue parties we hold over the weekends thanks to my love for meat. Anyway, a BBQ spot would absolutely serve me right. Didn’t you just enjoy?

  3. Wow my hubby loves Japanese BBQ… Can see how much you have enjoyed… BBQ places are always fun 😃😊👍🏼

  4. I am huge fan of bbq joints. I just love the feeling of being to this kind of places. The food looks amazing.

  5. That looks like it’s one delicious place to eat! This is right up my alley when it comes to food choices!

  6. These Japanese BBQ looks great and delicious. I would love to try these one day. Thanks for sharing.

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